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Actions during 2023

  • Kristina Hörnberg, PT, PhD was awarded the SveReFo scholarship award in 2023. The SveReFo Scholarship aims to encourage team-work-research and development of care that leads to a better value and improved quality of life for persons with rheumatic diseases.
  • Education about fatigue for SveReFos members

Priorities SveReFo 2024-2025

  • To award the SveReFo scholarship award.
  • Co-organize the national meeting in Rheumatology in Linköping, Sweden in September 2024.
  • Fund members for exchange visits and participation in congresses.

Mission statement

  • Promote the informal exchange of information between professionals.
  • Provide contact between groups that are interested in similar projects.
  • Promote multi-disciplinary research and development activities.
  • Develop financial support for multidisciplinary projects.
  • Promote international cooperation.